Dear Value Customer, We would like to send our sincere thanks to all customer that has been trusted and support our company since the beginning our company Recently, our company has detected there are fake fish meal using our company name to export to China with unknown material and origin. In order to assure for our customer benefits to NOT purchase those fake fish meal, we would like to officially inform our company package on publish information so customer can classify our fish meal and fake fish meal

Comparation table Thanh Khoi fish meal (LEFT) and fake fish meal (RIGHT)


Authentic fish meal from Thanh Khoi Company Fake fish Meal, unknown origin
1. Red, Blue, Green and White Logo in the front, dual language Vietnamese and English 1. No Logo from our company, printed in Chinese and Vietnamese language
2. Words are printed in blue, red, black on white package 2. Words are printed in black
3. Our registered address: “724A Phu Loi Hamlet, Tan Phu Thanh Commune, Chau Thanh A District, Hau Giang Province, VietNam” 3. Fake address: “Thanh Khoi company Limited, 724A, Phu Giang Province, Vietnam “