With the continuous and non-tired effort of all employees and board directors of Thanh Khoi Co., Ltd. The Company has achieved significant successes in 2011.
First, the company has taken good care of all employees’ life by providing good and safe working environment and well paid for a stable life of the employees. As well, the company has completed all insurance records of employees to assure their rightful benefits. Second, the company has expand the facility by opened 2 more storages, it help increasing the storage capacity of agriculture product by 4000 MT, increasing total production area of the company into 8 hectare, we also install the third fish meal and fish oil processing plan increasing total capacity of 3 plants up to 5400 MT a month for both products. Moreover, the company also applied the new heating system of MARC Tech, the company has success switching from using coal into hash burning material, which is more environmental friendly and cheaper. The ash from burning process would be use as fertilizer in local area; we always respect the spirit of utilizing all we have and not wasting anything. Finally , the company total sales is more than 800 billion VND , in which value of export is around 8 millions USD, at the same time, the company has proudly enter position 98 of Fast500 Viet Nam (Top 500 Business that have quickest growth rate in sales revenue of 2011)
On the behalf of Thanh Khoi Co., LTD , I would like to send my sincere thankful to our customer s, who have believed and supported for us to the moment.

Vo Minh Dang Khoi
Vice Director/ Director of Sales